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CD-8RDMsplitter 2



- Compact 1U 19'' rack size
- Standard DMX-512A(RDM) with XLR 5pins connectors
- Fully isolation to all input and outputs the signal of positeve, negative & shielding ground
- Indication LEDs display the status
- 4 digit dipswitch to select the advance functions
- Normal mode to follow the input signal refresh speed from control to outputs
- Active mode to follow the input signal leves from control to outputs
- RDM working status feedback to input
- In Active mode, all 8 ports of refresh rate can be select the speed of 25ms, 50ms, 100ms and 200ms
- In Active mode, Last hold can be select to safe the Live show without DARK
- Termination switch allow terminated the DMX-512 network at the last device


Input voltage range: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 4W
Power connector: 1 x IEC mains connector
Signal: DMX-512A(RDM)
DMX Input & Thru connectors: 1x 5-pin Male XLR & 1x 5-pin Female XLR
DMX Output connectors: 8x 5-pin Female XLR
DMX connector pin OUT: Pin 1: Ground
                                          Pin 2: Data -
                                          Pin 3: Data +
                                          Pin 4: NC
                                          Pin 5: NC
Operating temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Materials: Rugged, complete- metal housing
Dimensions: 483mm (L) x 45mm (H) x 88mm (W)

Weight: 1.34 kg

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CD-8RDMsplitter 2 is an 8 ports RDM splitter in bi-directional signal transmission 
with control levels of DMX-512A and feedback messages of RDM.

Select in Active mode, you can have more functions to your 8 output ports.

Fully isolation design for all pins of DMX-512 pins connection (signals and shield)
in a compact size of 1U rack mount case.