Colordeve has firmly established our self as an international OEM/ODM supplier for all those LED lighting fixtures, system and their control gears and driver.
Colordeve team members comprises leading experts to recognize the LED main facilities worldwide, covering all aspects of solid state technology including product styling, mechanical design, thermal management, optical design, LED drivers and advanced lighting control systems.
A dedicated one stop design and engineering team power make Colordeve can serve customers with a complete, holistic approach to deliver on the innovative, highly efficient and healthy LED driver and lighting solutions, from initial concept right through ideas to the product launch, we produce the custom-built design to suit customer request specifications and make it happen to be the famous treasure product to the market.
If you have any bright ideas on new product or economical request on product cost, please feel free to share with us by odm@colordeve.com

You can register be a member of Colordeve site, go Support/Technical document for the NDA template file down load.

Custom made project