About  Us

Professional lighting industries are base on 2 of goals to support its growth. Strong technical knowhow on hardware controls as the base to conclude for all performance art programs.

Request a pair of bright eye for details, understanding of the technical requirements standard to the field and turn the art creator’s vision and mind into a feast for the audience sit in the hall theatre or the performance venues.

We the company or a work team named Colordeve, the combination of COLOR & DEVELOPMENT together. “We develop the perfect color from our heart” – this is our mission.

Our team is the combination reformed engineers from a worldwide group who holding brands to the market. This is why we can easy to handle our product baby into a very high class quality and perfect practical values for end users.
For ODM projects, we can provide you with the latest LED technology structure, utilizing the full color spectrum with tiny power energy input.
We are able to provide both standards, on top of the line products or cost effective custom built solutions. All our products can cover the range of LED illuminations for any kind of event, like Entertainment lighting, Television broadcast lighting, Theatrical lighting and Architainment show case.
Out of the illumination solutions, we do have very strong base on control gears which are the basic control system signal interfacing, protocol exchange & management and all kinds of stability driving units.
Feel free to contact us by info@colordeve.com