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Smooth, Homogenized Optics
CD-BulletPAR equip the custom design optics in fully homogenized output, which provides the smooth,
uniform and defined wash beam from 6.5 to 50 degree, with outstanding colors blend across the visible
spectrum and no slightly colors separation shadows can be found.
Rich color Spectrum output
With the CD-BulletPAR wonderful RGBL color-mixing system palette can deliver across the spectrum
- including deep-cold blues zone area, deep red lava looks and a twist of lime color range on color system
CIE 1931. As well as the complete color temperature range of whites along on the black body line - all from BulletPAR.

Ultra Smooth Dimming Method
DLS(Dim Low Stabilization) imperceptible 19 bit resolution (524,288steps) dimming for ultra smooth fade to dark.

Multi-Purpose LED PAR Luminaire
Effective passive cooling design delivers can work the PAR for all kinds of performance in everywhere indoor & outdoor.
Ideally for TV Broadcast outdoor live show, Theatres, Musical, Live Concert, Landscape, Theme park.
Compatible With Industry-Standard Accessories
We design to compatible the maximum flexibility with users' existing production inventory,
CD-BulletPAR fit with the  industry-standard 7.5" accessories such as egg crates, barndoors , top hat and donut.


2 separate motorized linear zoom system, ratio 7:1
Beam aperture: 6.5 to 50 degree (measured at ½peak)
High-efficiency 40mm PMMA secondary honeycomb lenses
12 Multi-chip high intensity LED source,  
Lumens output: 3000lm
Illuminance: 7200 lx @5m
LED lifetime: 50,000 hours (L70 @25 degree C)

Color mixing system: RGBL, RGB, HSIC and CMY
Color temperature range: 2700K to 6500K
CCT points: 10 Preset White setting

Built in colors presets (consoles can treat as a color wheel) of 60. 
We also included TEN (10)  whites presets from 10,000K down to 2700K)
Strobe effects - 0.4Hz to 30Hz with a number of built in strobes, pulses, and effects
DLS(Dim Low Stabilization) imperceptioble 19 bit resolution dimming for ultra smooth fade to dark
Local control panel, with OLED display and 4 touch buttons
Protocol: DMX-512A(RDM)
DMX Maps: RGBL 16-bit / 8-bit, HSIC 16-bit / 8-bit, RGB and CMY mode
Three dimming curves: Incandescent look of Linear, S-Curve and Square curves
DMX and RDM data In / Thru through IP65 rating XLR 5 pin connectors

Input voltage range: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 200W
Power Input / Thru through IP65 rating PowerCON connectors
Minimum distance of illuminated objects: 0.2 meters 
Minimum distance from flammable materials: 0.5 meters 
Operating ambient temperature range :-20 to 50 degree C
Max temperature of the external surface: 70 degree C
Safety protection against temperatures excesses
Materials: Rugged die-cast,complete- metal housing
Easy access slots for industry-standard 7.5" accessories such as egg crates, barndoors and top hats.
Available colors: Black (standard), White, Metallic (Welcome for customer color)
Kick stand Style Yoke with ability to up-light from the floor with out impedance from the power and data cables.

IP rating: IP65
Weight: 6.5 kg
Dimensions: 233mm (L) x 283mm (W) x 355mm (H)

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